Glue a piece of white paper to your kitchen backsplash. Start a new showroom of tiles for a loan of sample tiles, or buying one or two sample tiles.¬† The White Paper will allow the glass mosaic tile backsplash to appear the same color that appears when installed, allowing you to determine the best color […]

Mosaic backsplash ideas – the type of tile can besed to create a mosaic. However, glass tiles are considered as the best and most efficient available on the market today. Glass tiles are available in all colors, literally, and therefore you will surely get what you are looking for. You have a wide variety of […]

No playground a modern kitchen backsplash should occupy besides being large enough to contain splashes of cooking. Backsplashes range from those who just large enough to extend slightly beyond the stove or sink into a kind of dashboard that keeps running around the kitchen. An extended rear wall type can add an aspect of cohesion […]

Kitchen backsplashes protect the wall of most food-related trouble such as spatter. Conventional kitchens have a backsplash glass tile made of the same laminate as the countertops. Give your kitchen a more contemporary look by creating a glass tile backsplash in place. ¬†Glass tiles can be bought in preformed sheets together by a plastic film. […]

Before choosing the type of backsplash ideas for kitchens, you should see what best suits the style of the room. You can back splash of virtually any material. The main objective of welcoming back is to protect the walls of stains, such as oil and food. You can also give a great look to your […]

Assorted colors of slate tiles form a kitchen glass subway tile backsplash with an elegant random pattern. Large, well equipped, rectangular slate tiles in light gray, gray-blue and gray-brown tones and subtle provide interesting textures to the dashboard. Tiny slate tiles, blue-gray squares create a fine adjustment on top of the back wall of a […]

As mentioned, any kind of tile can be used in order to create a ceramic tile backsplash. However, glass tiles are considered the best and most efficient they are on the market today. Glass tiles are available in literally all colors and therefore you certainly get what you are looking for. Since you have a […]

Brings back a classic subway tile backsplash wall design. The creamy pure white to shades of sand found in subway tiles offer the room a neutral background that allows the kitchen and other kitchen appliances to highlight. Usually bright subway tiles reflect light to illuminate the smaller kitchens. Traditionally, subway tile backsplash are arranged horizontally […]

Backsplash is inside kitchen, which extends above sink and countertop in kitchen and protects walls of cooking liquid spills. Backsplash designs come in different varieties and colors. With so many options available, choosing kitchen backsplash can be difficult if you are not aware of pros and cons of each rear wall. You can select backsplash […]

Backsplash tile ideas – The kitchen backsplash is part of the material used to cover the wall behind the sink and counter. Once this is added to the wall, the kitchen cleaning process definitely becomes easier. Various kitchen backsplash tile designs can be used to add an element of style to your kitchen. There are […]

Marble is a very versatile natural stone, which is available in a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes ideal for kitchen backsplash. No matter if you are creating a Tuscan kitchen or an ultra-contemporary, marble backsplash is a good choice to complete design with elegance and natural beauty. A marble backsplash not have to […]

Mosaic tile backsplash – Any type of tile may be used to create a mosaic. However, glass tiles are considered as the best and most efficient available on the market today. As you have a wide variety of colors, your creativity in creating the mosaic will not know limits. Moreover, it is also possible to […]