Retro Kitchen Table-The retro decor has won many fans in recent times and came hard in the kitchens. This trend combines the beauty of the past with modernity and practicality of items made today According to Thais Brochette architect, who is also managing partner of the LEICHT, Retro kitchen table of planned kitchens, pastels such […]

Kitchen table with bench are a great option to put in your kitchen, allow banks are more people at table and can be a good way to maximize space. If you have to renew your kitchen and are looking for new options, pay attention to following pictures because they will get well with a classic […]

Modern kitchen tables – Kitchen or dining table has become an important element that marks the design of a modern space for lunch and dinner. See our fantastic selection of sixty images that attract your attention, the latest trend to decorate the kitchen. Modern kitchen and dining table for the kind of space that many […]

The round kitchen table sets, will allow you to create more balanced movement and corners. You will enjoy talks where diners can look at one another without looking over the plate. There are so many thoughts of designs of table of kitchen that can be developed, one of which is one design of table of […]

The small kitchen is an environment that requires a decoration tailored, that is, do not let the Small Kitchen Table Sets –overloaded nor too simple environment. The choice of furniture and the combination of accessories make a difference in the look of gourmet, besides revealing traces the way of life of residents. In modern homes, […]

Who does not like to cook a good meal and meet with their families and friends to enjoy it accompanied by a good wine? Kitchen pub table sets are used to this and more.  Currently will find perfect dining tables, as well as dining chairs with which you combine them. Read more and be inspired! […]

Which carry a time in the world of decoration may say without thinking twice what the predominant material of rustic wood dining table style? Indeed, wood is the material of choice for rustic dining tables and retrieves this style elegance of more traditional materials. Rustic wood dining table helps us to return to our room […]

Black kitchen table – Kitchen tables can get dirty very quickly; black painted tables show dust, fingerprints and light colored particles easily. Keep impeccable table is essential to keep the kitchen looking clean, but be careful that no chemicals or materials that could damage the paint on the table are used. Avoid any cleaner that contains a solvent or […]

Rustic kitchen tables – The rustic style is a type of decorative style that not only occurs in the kitchen but you can apply throughout the house either a living room or a bedroom. It is the use of wood in rustic state, that is, without much decoration, and carved forms, but almost rustic wood […]

Today’s post we’ll speak about creative ideas corner kitchen table. There is a fundamental difference between kitchens I see in Spain and US I meet online and often is space. In US kitchens they are huge, while within them enough for a medium-sized floor which estilan in Madrid, without going any further. Albeit with little […]