Kitchen flooring options is very important. It is an element that has a strong presence aesthetically, besides being the most used almost constantly -castigator surface. Thus the practical aspect weighs as much when choosing the right material. Kitchen flooring options of rustic wooden planks seems very cute. I always liked but fear of practicality, getting […]

Painting kitchen cabinets white can look clean and contemporary, but only if his painting remains to wear. Choose a white paint with a semi-gloss or glossy finish for durability, as the bright paint will stand up to wash, but flat finish will not. The brightness will also reflect more light than a matte finish or […]

Shaker style cabinets have changed little since its creation in 1700s by a Christian denomination (Shakers), which stressed beliefs of simplicity and efficiency. furniture reflects their values, as well as its high level of craftsmanship. Resulting designs were functional, well built and beautiful in her short. Those same characteristics remain marks shaker style furniture until […]

Here are  some best eco friendly countertops to choose from. Stainless steel in the kitchen, including granite, stainless steel is very popular. It looks elegant and modern, is durable and easy to clean, but a lot of resources needed to create stainless steel, and therefore not environmentally friendly. Recycled aluminum provides the same sleek and durable look like stainless […]

Seal the slate countertops and natural stone products enhances the natural beauty of the stone and protects it from the elements of weather, accidental spills, water damage, mud or anything else that could happen that could damage the surface. You will not have to sweat to seal natural stone products, and the knowledge that you […]

Today, we wore mind to do a post on time white quartz countertops. And why I had this wonderful idea? For a tiny mishap with a frying pan, a little oil and forgetting to leave the hob switched on. You can imagine the blaze that he released, I watched cooking away and say, “But if […]

Brings back a classic subway tile backsplash wall design. The creamy pure white to shades of sand found in subway tiles offer the room a neutral background that allows the kitchen and other kitchen appliances to highlight. Usually bright subway tiles reflect light to illuminate the smaller kitchens. Traditionally, subway tile backsplash are arranged horizontally […]

Cream kitchen cabinets – Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting. A new look, feel and function of the heart can make your home more inviting. Decide what colors to use often is one of the most difficult parts of the process. For starters, consider how the space will be used. Colors play an important role […]

Refinish old furniture and staining kitchen cabinets labor, but the steps are not difficult and is a job that can easily be done by a handy homeowner with often stunning results. Refinishing kitchen cabinets you can add immediate value to your home. If you are preparing your house for sale, with sparkling, new cabinets looking […]

Travertine countertops are emerging fast as countertops popular and affordable cuisine. Also it is known as the marble onyx and is available in the US from Italy and the Middle East. You can look at history and find that the beautiful Colosseum consists of travertine which has more than 2000 years old. Travertine is a […]

Backsplash is inside kitchen, which extends above sink and countertop in kitchen and protects walls of cooking liquid spills. Backsplash designs come in different varieties and colors. With so many options available, choosing kitchen backsplash can be difficult if you are not aware of pros and cons of each rear wall. You can select backsplash […]

Oak and cherry kitchen cabinets are especially popular choices and durable wooden kitchen cabinet. Oak ranges from light gold to warmer midtowns, while the cherry can be light or dark. Light cherry and oak kitchens tend to warm more casual look, while the kitchen cabinets dark cherry may look good, elegant and dramatic. The best […]